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How to make base so top of cake will rotate I have no clue does anyone out there have any idea? TIA
I will try however I am quite computer challenged so we will see if I can get pictures up. lol
Thank you for your input. Now lets see if I can actually make it work
I was wondering can I use pvc pipe for center support if I want to run wires to the top level so I can make a spaceship rotate. If so is there something special I need to do to make it food safe. Thanks you in advance.
Well I found it at albertsons Thank you everyone I think I will try the amazon route I believe it is less expensive that way I paid $1.29 for the small box Definitely will do amazon Thanks again for all of your input. This is the best place to go for help everyone is always so generous and helpful.Marie
Thank you I will try that. I did not even think to use a heating core of any kind. Thanks again.
Hi everyone I want to try and make a bbq grill ( the weber kind) and wanted to us a glass bowl to bake it in. Do you know how long i need to bake it or if there are any special tips. Thank you in advance.
Hey Thank you I'm in So Cal I will try albertsons. Vons and Ralphs dont carry it thank you for your input
Does anyone out there know where I can purchase white chocolate instant pudding I live in California and cant seem to find it anywhere. Thanks for your help.
Thank you thats what I thought but was scared to do all the baking and have it not work you guys saved me lots of time!!
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