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hello everyone, I've been asked to make my friends wedding cake and she wants antique pink. PLEASE can someone let me know the colours i should be using as its driving me crazy!!!Thank you
Hey, I am going to be making a cake that requires a tiara on top. I made one before but when i came to transferring it to the cake it broke. Can anyone help please?
Hello, I have been asked to make a boxing glove and i'm not really sure on which shape pans i should use. Please help as the time is drawing closer and i may need to buy the pans!! Thanks for any advice in advance!!
Hey, I've been part of CC for almost a year now and i have never ventured past looking at the cakes! I'm so glad i found this forum. I live in the UK and i also have a full time job, but have been makin and decorating cakes from home. I need to start branching out now, the cake orders are coming in thick and fast. I have today completed my Level 2 food hygene certificate, But i am now unsure where i stand with trying to rent somewhere to bake. My day time job dont have an...
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