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What do you use to get the steam?
I ordered them and they look great! Do you recommend tinting a few days ahead or is it fine to tint just before you use it? Thanks for the advise.Irene
Thanks for the advice. I did find a local shop that would print for me. I'm picking them up this morning and using them on a monster truck I'm making for my son's 7th birthday. We're using Miami Dophins images on it. Any advise as to the best way to appy? I have some idea but what works best? I've got a few small images and stripes. Thanks, again!Irene
How do you get the edible images? Do you need a special printer? Ink? What? I'd love to use some on my cakes but don't know how to get them.Thanks! Irene
How do I get those vibrant colors that people are doing with their cakes? I've got Wilton's coloring but cannot find great electric and neon colors. Am I not looking in the right places? What products seem to work best?Thanks! Irene
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