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I'm not worried about the color of the frosting b/c I'm covering it w/fondant & I don't think it'll change it drastically. How much should I use? Just try & keep checking until I get the flavor I'm after? And, I did run across a recipe for a filling but not sure if I can find it. Can you pass it along?
Thanks alot, Cake-angel! I'm excited to try this. Now, I need 4 8x2 square pans for a gift box cake so I will double the recipe. I ordered pineapple flavor and pina clolada flavor but only got pina colada. Do you think I could sub that for the pinapple flavor? And can I just add the flavor to the bc? I'm covering in fondant so don't have any creative, easy ideas for frosting. Got any? Thanks!
Cake-angel... I was planning to try your second recipe you posted so that was what I was asking my previous question about. And how far ahead can I make the cake? Can it be freezed? The party is a Saturday and I'll have Wednesday to bake or late Friday. I was hoping to decorate it w/fondant on Friday and will not have time to bake Friday afternoon. What do you think?
I'm making a stacked gift box cake for my mom's birthday. I need 4 8x2 cakes stacked. How much does one recipe make and should I make double?
I must be missing something but I cannot seem to find it. I found the member but not the recipe. AACCKK!!
My mom requested a pina colada cake and frosting. I purchased a flavoring but don't know what I'm going to do with it. Any suggestions?
I'm interested in flavoring fondant and cakes. Any suggestions as to good ones to try and how to do it. I always see how people use different flavored fondants & cakes and would like to try it.
I have vodka that I've used on my last cake to apply edible images onto the cake. May even have a martini while finishing this one! Thanks for the help! Irene
So...when painting on fondant you thin down gels/colors with alchohol or everclear? Is that right? Can you use, say, alchohol? Pardon me but what is everclear? I am making a tee pee and want to put a few designs on it and wanted to try painting some on. Thanks. Irene
I'm making a 3 tier cake and need some advise for the recipe to use. I've loved my pound cake but don't know if it's too heavy for it. I know I can use dowels (correct spelling?)/sticks to hold up each layer but don't know if it'll work. I also know it doesn't rise much but have a hard time figuring out how long to back. I'm making a 10, 8 & 6" rounds. Any suggestions? Any other great recipes to try? Thanks. Irene
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