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Does anyone know where I can order edible images on line?
I need some help pricing a fondant covered doll cake...a Tinkerbell one with detail work on the dress and around the cake. I've got the Wilton's serving guide and a range of $3-4/serving but just not sure how to apply this rule to this style cake. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Irene
Thanks for the tips! I think I'm just going to make my own w/the modeling chocolates and get the color I want and taste (bonus...and save $$). You were most helpful. Irene
I'm making a baby shower cake and need brown fondant. Decided to buy dark chocolate fondant from Satin Ice and mix w/white to make a lighter brown. I was planning to make MMF for the white and other color I need but was wondering how it would be mixing MMF w/Satin Ice. Any suggestions/input? I'll be making little cowboy boots, cowboy hat and pony so was planning to use tylose or mixing modeling chocolate. Any feedback? I read somewhere about mixing w/modeling chocolate.
I'm making MacsMom's Orange Dreamsicle cake for my daughter's birthday. What kind of frosting/flavor would work well? I'm covering with fondant. I thought about the buttercream made with marshmallow fluff. I need to make sure I'm able to cover with fondant and leave it out of the fridge. Thanks.
Macsmom-I know everyone keeps telling you but THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART (or stomach) for all you've shared! Now, I'm making a cake for my daughter in a few weeks and saw the Dreamsicle cake...she'll love it! How do I figure out how much batter the recipes will make so I can figure out how much to make? Or can I even figure it out? Just make and see? Any suggestions. I frequently (as everyone else does) make many different shapes and have to "wing it" but I was...
I just made a pina colada cake & did a filling w/crushed pineapple and it was delish! Lots of raves. Am planning to do it again in 2 weeks. So easy to make.
Cake-angel...I made the cake and it was delish! Everyone devoured it. I ended up freezing it b/c my sister has limited room and a dog who eats things off the counters so the safest place was in the deep freeze! Thanks a million and I'll make it often.
Awesome info! You guys are soooo good! Saving this!
Makes perfect sense to me! This is how I cook in general! Thanks! You have really helped me!
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