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This thread made me laugh. Now I want jumbo round brownies for breakfast. Lol
Sorry, I meant regular milk with vinegar. It sours the milk. Buttermilk I think is created by a fermentation process to 'sour' it.
I use buttermilk too, and wonder the same thing. I'm in Mass.When I can't find buttermilk I substitute 1 tbs. white vinegar plus enough buttermilk to equal 1 cup. ( I put the tablespoon of vinegar in the measuring cup first, then poor in the milk). I haven't noticed a big difference in the outcome.
Good to know they were responsive! :0)
You are definately talented, and I LOVE your site! Your graphics, photos and layout are so crisp and lovely!I'm in a similar situation....poor job market. I've been struggling. I've had many requests and encouragement from family. I'm taking the plunge! Luckily I'm doing it with a friend who has talent. I have a lot of resources for business planning, but am starting the process myself, so I'll keep you updated as how it's going.One piece of advice where the space was...
I wonder if anyone has had success in getting permission to use likeness in cakes?
I have a friend that works in Collegiate Licensing, and she warned me to be sure to show that my Characters etc. were not made for profit. She works in a legal department that does pursue it!I was going to take my pictures down, but I decided not to because every one was done for a family member or friend, and I not only didn't profit, but I lost money! lol Also they were probably my best cakes! I'm starting a business and I'm afraid to take that chance! WykdGud, I agree...
I'm going to be trying this for an upcoming cake. I too don't have the money to try the MYOM right now, so I'll be giving the mold putty a try. I'll post my results. :0)Thank you everyone!
This threrad gave me a good laugh! I have one of those families too! I struggle with the same question!If you think 1x2 is too small for a family party, go by 2x2, and use Debi's even method....thats plenty big enough! If it's mostly children, I think smaller is better.
Great advice in here. Also remember the term "write off" means different things. Some things you get credited for on your taxes, and others are deductions from your taxable income. Know what the difference is before you spend more than you should thinking its going to mean a big 'write off.'Best of luck!
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