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I agree with all of you! I am really unhappy with these changes. Please go back!
hello, may I ask what does the extra butter did to the cake? I was lighter, what is the difference? thank you! I will love to try this recipe..
Gracias Ladyofaith..muy linda tu pagina!! Saludos
I have been making mini cupcakes for my kids for quite some time. I use the food network mini cupcakes. They work really good for me may be helpful!! I am making a tres leches for my husband for this saturday, and I will use Italian merengue buttercream...
I made this cake a couple of months ago. The ruffles were just piped with tip #103 with the big opening facing you
wow, I love all the ideas!! I used Nature Fondant and Gum Paste Mold
could you share with me too, please? thank you
zespri could you please send me the info? thank you I will appreciate it! I will pm my email!
thank you!! my email is
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