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I had a request for a pick up of a sheet cake (chocolate, peanut butter filling and chocolate buttercream icing) on Friday to serve at the party on Friday. Now my customer had said that the cake will not be served until Monday will this keep in her fridge? (Let me explain they are goiing out of town and need to pick the cake up on Friday to take with them - only four hours away). Since I would have to bake on Wednesday and then decorate on Thursday that would mean that...
Major cake disaster with the cross cake. I know the directions call for (1) boxed cake but I think I should have used (2). Also when it came out of the pan and I leveled it, tried to put it on my sheet cake the whole thing just fell completely apart. I'm going after work to get two more cake mixes going to put a box of pudding and sour cream in the mix and hope that it is sturdy enough to put on the cake. I am also going to put a cake board underneath! What a...
There is a picture of a cake un Celebration Cakes/Firs Communion . . . the cake is titled Baby Dedication by celebrationcreations . . . it was posted in 2006. What I need to know is how the cross was put on top of the cake, is there a cake board under the cross. I making one of these tomorrow and really could use the help. Thank you.
I have to make a red velvet cake and a chocolate cake. The red velvet is going to be in the shape of a cross and the chocolate is a sheet cake. Can I cover these in white chocolate ganache and then ice them with white buttercream icicng? Please let me know.
Does anyone know where I can purchase a 2" deep cupcake pan?
So I bought the 5lb bag of cake mix from Global Sugar thinking it would be great for this sheet cake I have to make . . . . I don't understand the directions: Stage 1: 10 lb cake mix; Stage 2: 3 lbs. 6 oz of eggs, 3 lbs. 6 oz. Oil, Stage 3: 2 lbs. Water ---- WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN!!!! All I want to do is make a cake. What is 3 lbs of eggs, 3 lbs of Oil, etc. Please help!!!!!!
Can I use strawberry jello (powder) and mix it with my buttercream to make strawberry buttercream? I don't have any strawberry extract?
I'm going to be baking a 11 x 15 sheet cake and want to know what size cake board do I use and what size box do I need to buy. I have looked on line but there doesn't seem to be a size that that fits that size cake. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Also what is the best web site to purchase these things as there is no store in SW florida that have a good supply of cake decorating things.
I iced and decorated my cake last night with buttercream. I need to add my royal icing decorations but am not sure if I can put the cake back in the fridge after I put the royal icing decorations on the cake? (My client can't pick it up until tomorrow night and I work so I need to do the decorations tonight so it will be ready for pick up tomorrow night.) Please advise what I can do? Thank you so much.
I'm curious also because I was going to order the Choco Pan? I've only worked with Wilton.
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