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I just wanted to thank everyone for all their great advice. It made a huge difference. No more bulge. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Thank you everyone for your advice. I will definitely try your suggestions. Thank you!!!
Hi, I need your help. Lately, when I cover a cake with fondant (wilton or satin ice) my fondant bulges where my two layers connect. At first I thought I had overfilled the cakes so I used a lot less filling, then I thought it was the AC being on in the house so I turned it off the next time I worked on a cake but still the same. What am I doing wrong? I didn't have this happened before I don't know what I am doing wrong. Plus I have been having a lot of cracking...
Has anyone made a strawberry shaped 3D cake? If so what size pans did you use? Did you use all one size or graduated the sizes? any info is greatly appreciated.
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