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This is what mine looks like, haven't tried it on strawberries.
There is a gadget for it, it is shaped like a v . The one I have has a melon baller at one end and the v at the other end, it does make life easier and quicker. check it out here
I used to use the wilton gumpaste but found that the humidity really effects it. The flowers go limp and lose shape. Nicholas lodge's recipe is the best for me. I think with your gumpaste it could be that it went too dry after you added the gum tex, I could be wrong.
After reading this I have to eliminate some things from my shopping list. Maybe I should just go on a liquid diet, lol. Ignorance was bliss. Everytime I have watched 'ace of cakes' I have thought that even if someone gives me a free cake from there I'm not going to eat it. Those decorators are always talking, laughing, coughing when inches away from the cake, it always grosses me out.
There is a tutorial here by Edna da cruz which might help you.
Fondant only, gumpaste will dry hard. chk this tutorial
This video might give you an idea but you would be making your ruffle the other way.
Here is a recipe I use all the time and  this video might help   hth.   Gumpaste with tylose: makes approximately 1 pound of gumpaste. 2 - Large Egg Whites 1 lb sifted icing sugar 6 - Level teaspoons Tylose 4 - Teaspoons shortening (Crisco) or any white vegetable shortening 1. Place the egg whites in a Kitchen Aid mixer bowl fitted with the flat paddle. 2. Turn the mixer on high speed for 10 seconds to break...
Gumpaste is what you need if you want to make the flowers to harden. These can be made well in advance and you can save them and keep them for many years. You can make the gumpaste at home if you can get some tylose or gum tragacanth.
If you are talking about the different flowers all over the cake it looks like all types of cutters used. Ben Isreal does that on one of his cakes but runs a piece of lace and fondant through the past machine to imprint. Here's the link if you're interested.
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