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If you are talking about the different flowers all over the cake it looks like all types of cutters used. Ben Isreal does that on one of his cakes but runs a piece of lace and fondant through the past machine to imprint. Here's the link if you're interested.
If you were not going to make the cake due to the contract not being signed, I think you should have informed your client a month ago AND refunded her money. Two days does not give her time to find another baker and puts her in a spot.
Your cake is gorgeous. As for the cake stand and the cake for that matter, once it leaves your hands it is not your problem. when I deliver a cake at a venue, set it up, get someone to sign, take a picture or two and then leave with a sigh of relief !!! 
For me the nutella/rasberry filling is a hit.
Buttercream decorations will not dry but you can make them and freeze them and place on the cake on the day of the occasion, decorations made from royal icing dry hard.
One link shows the passion flower made from gumpaste and the other from paper. You could combine the two methods that is the way the pieces are and then dry in an apple tray or on a piece of foil placed on the top of a glass, slightly pushed in to give a shallow bowl like curve.HTH.
There was a similar thread here, you could contact the op for help.
Wilton fondant will not dry hard, you have to add tylose or wilton has a product called gum tex. As for more space for drying, take sheets of foil, press into your egg cartons to shape, remove gently and voila you have extra cartons.Gumpaste flowers with tylose will not take long to dry. Edna de la cruz has a tutorial on you tube on petal dust, worth watching. To lighten the colour place a little petal dust on a wax/parchment paper and add corn starch a little at a...
I tinted my gumpaste with wilton black for anemone centers and it was fine came out a deep black  BUT I have had the color from last year or so. Could it be the new batch is messed up?  Tarttokig is right add some red it should make black. (red, yellow and  blue makes black) you have too much of yellow and blue which makes green.
I always use this recipe, it is great but just keep in mind NOT to use all the icing sugar in case the egg whites you have are from smaller eggs. Too much sugar will harden your gumpaste. You can always knead in more after you have added the tylose. Edna dela cruz also has a great tutorial on you tube.   hth.   Gumpaste with tylose: makes approximately 1 pound of gumpaste. 2 - Large Egg Whites 1 lb sifted icing...
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