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I have delivered so many cakes assembled at home using the wilton wooden dowels  but like you recently I read a thread here and someones cake didn't hold up. A lot of readers were confident with bubble tea straws. I have an order for a 4 tier cake in a month and am going to try the straws.
Those are gumpaste flowers. Search  on you tube gumpaste flowers and a whole lot will come up. You will need some cutters. I make my gumpaste, you might find the recipe in one of my posts. HTH.
I used to have the same problem with chiffon cakes, sometimes they would sink and sometimes I got lucky, couldn't figure out why but now that I use this method I don't have any more sunk cakes. As soon as it comes out of the oven I place a cling wrap across the cake only covering the center. The  both sides of cling wrap should remain open to allow steam out and not create a vacuum and then flip the pan resting onto two spoons or some kind of prop to hold the pan a little...
You did a wonderful job. What size are your cakes? I have to do square ones in a month too and like you I prefer rounds.I have been watching cup a dee's you tube tutorial to get some ideas.
I agree with MaurorLess67 , that would be a way of doing it. Marina sousa has a class on craftsy where she uses that method but it is on fondant.
DeliciousDesserts  what a great idea, do you place your tiers in a box and then on the shelf ? I take my cakes, stacked up to 4 tiers in the trunk of my honda accord. I do use bath towels to stop the sliding. 
Sugar momma doesn't have a trendy sound to it in my opinion and sounds a bit like sugar daddy which gives another connotation. Another suggestion is  Ashy's little wrapper and baked treats or sweet bakes. I have found that it is important to have a name which also tells a person what the business carries. Good luck.
Ash's Little wrapper plus more    ''          ''      ''    and     delights     ''        ''         ''    to baker    ''       ''         ''   and baked bites
You could use the equal amounts of borax ans sugar, mix well and leave close to where your cakes are, they will take that to their nests and that should eliminate that problem, this is a non poisonous solution.
I agree with LizzieAylett, I think the board that the cake is sitting on might be too thin, and moving it would shift the dowels.I always use the 1/2'' or a cake drum for wedding cakes or tiered cakes.
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