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I had a similar issue, I made a 3 tier cake  the night before for a wedding the next day,when I took it out of the fridge the next morning I noticed a few imperfections so took some of the leftover buttercream lathered it on and smoothened it out. When I took a step back and looked at the cake I noticed that the bc that I had just applied  from the bowl was yellowish compared to the one that was already on, so I made a mental note to always beat the bc again before...
WOW WickedGoodies love your cake !!! Boo85 there are some great tutorials on you tube here's one by Lauren Kitchens, she makes it look so easy.
Here's another one with ganache by Linda Harden on cake masters, It is a free lesson, worth watching, but you will have to register.
Ceri. Dz shows how to cover a cake with royal icing, you could apply the same technique, refrigerating the cakes to firm up the buttercream, he does use a long ruler for the top. Here's the link:   Have you checked out Jennifer from cup a dee, I love the way she presented her video.
You probably could use the same method but not do a thick layer of buttercream.
Take a look at Jennifer's  blog from Cup a Dee. Here's the link.
I'd love to know what tip was used, the c/cake looks so beautiful.
thecake witch is right you will find a lot of things around the house to use as formers. I use a lot of tin foil it holds well.I like to use tylose when I make my gumpaste, I have found that the flowers hold better in humidity. I had posted a tutorial on how to make inexpensive cutters, hth.
I am not sure why this is happening, you might be adding too much tylose. Shortening should not be too much either just a tad to keep your hands from sticking. I suggest you should try another batch maybe just half recipe and leave your paste softer. You could leave it out to mature. But keep in mind to knead only small amounts before using, pull and stretch to make pliable. Once kneaded keep airtight or it will go rock hard. HTH. There is a link on you tube by Edna...
Looks like anemone cutters.Something like these.
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