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I'd love to know what tip was used, the c/cake looks so beautiful.
thecake witch is right you will find a lot of things around the house to use as formers. I use a lot of tin foil it holds well.I like to use tylose when I make my gumpaste, I have found that the flowers hold better in humidity. I had posted a tutorial on how to make inexpensive cutters, hth.
I am not sure why this is happening, you might be adding too much tylose. Shortening should not be too much either just a tad to keep your hands from sticking. I suggest you should try another batch maybe just half recipe and leave your paste softer. You could leave it out to mature. But keep in mind to knead only small amounts before using, pull and stretch to make pliable. Once kneaded keep airtight or it will go rock hard. HTH. There is a link on you tube by Edna...
Looks like anemone cutters.Something like these.  This tutorial might give you an idea on the ruffles only you would have to attach down side up.
Wow, I was so amazed when I saw this recipe. My mum used to make this almost 50 years ago, her recipe was called oat crunchies and instead of butter she used clarified butter. When I make them, they disappear within hours.The taste is not as good if you use corn syrup. Golden syrup has a different delicious flavor. In canada golden syrup is available at No Frills.
Here's one method but I usually take some color paste on a skewer and and paint a straight line starting from nozzle going up at 3 places equal distance in the bag, then fill with the buttercream. Your flowers will have an edge of the colour you painted.HTH.
If you like the vintage look  this is a good class and if you do fondant cakes.
I  think you might have added too much icing sugar or a little too much tylose. I have found that there is such a variation in amount of egg white in each egg that I end up not using quite a bit of the measured sugar. So once you break up the egg white,  add the sugar holding back a cup or so, keep beating,  'til  fairly stiff and shiny peaks only then add the measured out tylose. Beat only for a few seconds. You will find that after adding tylose the paste suddenly...
I am so happy she liked my cake however the recipe is a trade secret.
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