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Here's a couple more    She layers the icing directly in the bag, you could place the icing in rectangle pieces of cling wrap and make in a log shape, making sure the one end is open. Place 3 or 4 different color logs in the piping bag, open end down and as you squeeze the 3 colors should fuse.  I like this method for the edges of roses to be a darker shade.
If you think about diameters you will notice that porcelain cake stands have a pretty small one yet it can take the weight of 3 tiers. I think a heavy based vase should be able to take the weight of a single 14'' cake. Try it out with a 14'' pot filled with water.
My fruit cakes are alcohol free but after baked and cooled I do turn them it upside down and spritz with apple juice. I am wondering if that is causing the leakiness altho' I've almost always done that. Then I wrap up the cake and after a few days I brush with warm apricot jam and cover with marzipan.That sits for a couple of days to dry a little. Finally cover  with fondant or royal icing depends on my mood. So the leaking only happens after we and it's the marzipan that...
Forgot to mention do it only twice with each color if making one cake, so it would be chocolate, yellow , chocolate and yellow.
Or try it this way with a chocolate batter and white cake tinted yellow.
The same thing has happened to me since coming to Canada. I brush my cake with warm apricot and thought that might be the cause. Love to know why that happens.   I have not bought from them but had bookmarked this link.
Check this out, pretty cool !!!     陳柏元 - 蛋糕.... 裁切 整形 裝飾 超神機器 | Facebook               陳柏元 - 蛋糕.... 裁切 整形 裝飾 超神機器 | Facebook 蛋糕烘焙師傅........... 這下快失業了啦!!! ><"   View on Preview by Yahoo      
I have a tutorial you might want to try.
If you don't have molds you could try and do it the way Ron Israel does it by using lace.  Watch the link below,
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