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I too make chiffon cakes all the time, in fact all my  wedding cakes I have made are chiffon. I use the wilton 3'' pans, line the bottom only with greased on both side of  parchment,cake pan  sides should NOT be greased. As soon as the cake comes out of the oven I cover the center part across with cling wrap   and then flip the pan over resting the edges onto a couple of butter knives and allow to cool. The reason for  placing the cling wrap only in the middle is to leave...
cakes2dye4  here is the info on the adore book
Bakeforfun21 does the cake with this buttercream need to be refrigerated? 
I make a  Strawberry flan/pie with shortcrust pastry, baked blind .Fill first with a thin layer of cooled boston cream, Then arrange fresh sliced strawberries, over that goes a fruit glaze. I usually buy the ready packets of glaze but have made it when out of it by boiling  arrow root powder with water, add food color and strawberry essence.Spread over the strawberries. Allow to set overnight, decorate with fresh cream whipped until stiff, sweetened. Pipe on flan/pie.
It is a peony, if you don't have cutters check out my tutorial You will find more detailed tutorials on you tube, god luck.
Did you use bicarbonate of soda? Not mixed well can cause this.
Congratulations, love the name,color and logo. Wishing you a prosperous future in your new venture.
I use milk (sometimes cream) instead of water and maybe your butter might not be enough. 
I have delivered so many cakes assembled at home using the wilton wooden dowels  but like you recently I read a thread here and someones cake didn't hold up. A lot of readers were confident with bubble tea straws. I have an order for a 4 tier cake in a month and am going to try the straws.
Those are gumpaste flowers. Search  on you tube gumpaste flowers and a whole lot will come up. You will need some cutters. I make my gumpaste, you might find the recipe in one of my posts. HTH.
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