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Not sure what you are looking for but check out some of the you tube videos. here's one
I think it will give you a moist crumb, and doesn't dry out when left a few days. The only way to know is to try it out. Some of the best recipes come out from trial and
Are you substituting for allergy or lactose intolerence? or not having buttermilk on hand?If it's for the second reason, you could use 1 cup milk add 1 tablespoon vinegar allow to stand for 10 minutes. The texture of the product is definitely better with buttermilk.
I wonder if you could do the stencilling with royal icing on wax paper,peel and attach once its dry. You could do the same with the monogram, do flooding in a square with royal icing, once dry do the letter on it, then peel and attach with royal icing or melted white chocolate. hth.
One way of attaching flowers is by making them on toothpicks and pushing them in.Another method (what I use) is to make the flowers on wire, then make a bouquet, once all the wires held together are wrapped with florist tape I then push the thick stem in a straw and push that into the cake.I have also made an arrangement in a ball of gumpaste which was attached to a 1-2'' round cardboard covered with foil.This made it easy to just lift the disc and place on the cake with a...
Looking at your recipe it seems like the butter/ shortening is not enough for that amount of icing sugar. I normally use almost equal in weight the fat and sugar.So for 12 ounces butter and 4 ounces criscoi use 16 to 20 ounces icing sugarvery little liquid is needed after you add the essence.This buttercream spreads well and crusts enough to smoothen.
It's hard to advice not knowing what type of buttercream recipe you used. If it is with butter/veg. shortening, it might help to cool it in the fridge and then beat again. When you added extra sugar you might have made it sweeter too, so taste it, you might need to beat some butter until fluffy and incorporate it with the already made chilled buttercream.I hope that helps.
Are you using the wilton gumpaste which you mix with water? If so, it is a pain when there is humidity. If you could make some with tylose,it will be worth it and save a lot of aggravation.Thin your petals with the ball tool and place them in spoons for just a few minutes to dry cupped but should still be pliable and then attach.To dry, if you have a cookie rack, place it on 4 tall glasses to raise and hook your roses to the rack.
I am not sure how many people would eat the gumpaste flowers or any other deco that you make.If you want to play it safe use pasturized egg white. I use fresh egg white and I have grand kids who always want to make something too, I usually give them a small ball of the paste and have seen them popping little bits in their mouth, no harm has come to them.
I took the Jaqueline Butler class and am enjoying it inspite of knowing how to make hydrangeas.She is very calm and precise with instructions, great for those who are new to gumpaste. I suppose every instructor must assume they are teaching a novice and go step by step unless the class is 'advance'.
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