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I always line the bottom of my pans with parchment paper to save myself the hassle of a cake sticking.
I've tried a few recipes and Martha stewart's is the keeper, nice moist crumb and easy to follow, not too much red colour either. I use the wilton red (no taste).and I like buttercream frosting instead of the cream cheese/fr.I have made a 3 trier wedding cake using the same recipe and it was a hit.
I have used the oven at the lowest temperature, switch OFF once it reaches the temp. and then place your pieces in, this worked for me when my orchids were falling off the wire.You have to add tylose or gumtex to your fondant to dry hard.
Try this recipe it is easy to follow and delicious, nice and moist.¢er=276944&gallery=274461&slide=284347
Martha stewart's recipe is the one I make all the time, but don't overbake 20 mins is good.A hit every time.
Sorry imagenthatnj, didn't see that you had already posted the link to Doug's templates
This might be what you looking for;
I recently visited a cake shop but not for the cakes, I went for the supplies for cakes. This place had everything from styrofoam, cake boxes to all kinds of dusts and tools for gumpaste, everything a home baker or hobbyists would want. I wonder if you made some room in your store and carried this stuff those same home bakers might be visiting you for their supplies. At the same time take on line oders too. Good luck with everything. cup/c
Martha Stewarts red velvet cupcakes come out very good. I am not sure if I can post her recipe or not but if you have access to a library they might have her book on cupcakes. Her devils chocolate cupcakes are good too. Hope that helps.
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