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 Sorry, I think there will be a problem viewing this, the website is www.*********.com but when I go to the site I can't find this particular tutorial. I came across it in the newsletter from American cake decorating.
Here's a video on making gumpaste plaques on a similar fruit decorated cake.   http://www.*********.com/acd/?inf_contact_key=89f0aabc922e9d1015f280b440ee5929ad3eb297668923faf1e84445883a5c04
I place cling film across the cake as soon as it comes out of the oven BUT you MUST leave two sides unwrapped/open for the steam to escape,and then flip the pan upside down onto a couple of butter knives that will act as a wedge between the table and pan, leave to cool. Have been using this method for years and haven't had a deflated cake since.
Do your cakes sink in the middle after you take them out of the oven?
I would not do that, I only place the flowers on the day off delivery just before delivery or at the venue.My cakes do not need to be chilled, the condensation will effect the flowers. HTh.
Not sure what you are looking for but check out some of the you tube videos. here's one
I think it will give you a moist crumb, and doesn't dry out when left a few days. The only way to know is to try it out. Some of the best recipes come out from trial and
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