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I have tried several recipes and found the cream to be too buttery. The last couple of times I made it with less butter and it came out smooth and yummy. my tweaked recipe is  3/4 cup egg whites, 1 1/2 cup sugar  and  1 1/2 cups (12 ozs.) butter . I use half salted and half unsalted butter. and of course flavouring of your choice.
Here's a video that might help you.
I too stopped using it and my buttercream crusts.
Colette Peters does give a pattern of the rose cage in her course materials which is placed under wax paper and then piped.
I have taken this class and enjoyed it, lots of different techniques. The filigree cage can be made beforehand as it is made from royal icing. Just make sure you store in a safe place as it will be fragile. HTH.
It's funny how some of us think that just because you buy food from a legal, licensed place it is germ free and everything is totally hygienic. I was in a supermarket and saw the guy in the bakery section scoop cake batter into sheet pans with his bare hands, hairy arms almost up to his elbow in a pail , it really grossed me out. I don't understand why he couldn't use a cup or ladle.  
LOL your flowers are sweet, both the ones you made and the ones who ate them, 2 minutes huh? they're fast.
I don't think it is the pans,I only use convection for cookies so that they bake evenly and crispier. Most ovens  have an option for bake (normal) and convention. The other reason could be the baking powder or whatever raising agent you used.
I think vintage themes is something that was in style more than 30 years ago, I could be wrong. From what I have seen when decorating there is a lot of wooden stands and frames and chalkboards used.  Here is a link to one of Amy Atlas vintage party for a boy, her blog will give you some ideas. HTH.
I don't think it will taste the same, the milk gives it a richer taste. I make a similar frosting but it has cornstarch instead of flour. And it does keeps well at room temperature for a few days.
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