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I use wilton gel colors all the time but added to the gumpaste for an all over color and than highlight with petal dust. There are times when I have worked with only white paste and used dust to color.As maybenot said that the gels might be the problem. Chellescakes gumpaste recipe is similar to what I use, for every one heaped cup of icing sugar I use 2 teaspoons of tylose.
Lovely !!!
 The gumpaste after it has rested in the fridge and brought back to room temperature is like fondant,not too soft and not too hard and when I break of a piece it is NOT elastic. Only after you knead and pull for a good couple of minutes it becomes stretchy like chewing gum. I only work small amounts that i would be using and leave the rest in the fridge. Lou - Ann before you throw out your paste that is hard see if you can use it to make centers, the cone shape for...
I just noticed the ad when you mentioned it. There seems to be a lot of classes popping up. Jaqueline Butler in her news letter mentioned one too, under the name of Cake Masters. Link below, has a couple of free tutorials.
I just made some gumpaste but had to leave out a lot of icing sugar. I have found that we can't follow a recipe exactly because of different  sizes of eggs.The ones I used were small so  didn't need as much i/sugar, if i had used it all I would probably have ended up with a rock. I measured out the i/sugar as the recipe said but when the mixture came to the soft peak stage I stopped adding more at the same time I kept track of how many cups of i/sugar was used. For...
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Now that I know what you are looking for, check this link out
Sorry this might not be what you are looking for.
right here on cake central   tutorial by ChrisJack1
I have sent you a link to Edna de la Cruz' recipe, she says soft peak stage and shiny then add tylose.   Jaqueline butler in her class let the mixture beat until peak stood stiff.   The last I did that and ended up with a very stiff paste, it was a little hard on the hands. I suggest trying out just a little with 1 or 2 egg whites and see what works for you.
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