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I have tried quite a number of Martha stewarts cupcake recioes and have been pleased with them.
I don't mind the ready mixes, in fact I like the texture. I just don't like what is added to give shelf life, so many ingredients you can't even pronounce some of them. I have always baked from scratch from the age of 12 and so have stayed with that, occassionaly maybe less than a dozen times buying a box mix just to see if I am missing anything.
It would be a good idea to push in thin straws and push the wire in the straw. If the wire is wiggly in the straw fill the straw using a writing nozzle with either melted choclate or royal icing. Normally most bakers donot put wire straight into cake.
My pleasure, THANK YOU for taking the time and doing the wonderful and sooo helpful tutorials.
Check this ladies tutorial and she has one for square cakes too, helped me a lot.
i lot of companies ship so as long as they are in Canada it would be cheaper otherwise duty and handling nails you.  mississauga   brampton
It doesn't make a mess at all but if you are not comfortable with cling wrap use parchment paper instead but do be careful when flipping over.  Some recipe call for chiffon cakes to be turned over inverted glasses/mugs. I have never done that.  I have used this recipe for more than 20 years. In the beginning I had the issue of the cake sinking until I started using this method. 
It is a little confusing to understand, I quickly took a couple of pictures to help. It's NOT a cake in the pan just a cloth to show how the plastic/cling wrap goes. Across the cake, enough opening on the sides to allow steam out and not create a vacuum by being air tight. hth.       My daughter just walked in and said Oh how come I didn't smell the cake, and when she realised it's a cloth she says I won't ask what you doing lol.
I am sorry ladies I am not too sure who the requests for recipe is addressed to, I posted mine on page one of this thread and also at this link with  a little easier to understand method.
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