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50 - 50 gumpaste and fondant, dries pretty quickly, but you could always do them in 100% gumpaste as well.
it's either spam, or the poor thing is STILL trying to find someone to do her cake...
Right now the marine layer is sitting over the North SD County coast so it's pretty cool, should be that way for most of the week, but to get it across country would require a long ride in hot trucks. Maybe you could find a local bakery in Oceanside or Carlsbad that has a website where you could buy a gift certificate or something like that.
I used both Americolor terra cotta and copper gels for a nice flowerpot/tile color.
The article I read said a high percent of their sales were to women, but I'd be willing to be that MANY of their female customers are NOT buying them for gifts
what she said Myself and many of my family members have serious issues with dairy products so icing has always been made with Crisco. I learned a long time ago to whip it alone first for 10-15 min and then add other ingred's. I was introduced to Debi's BC a couple of years ago and I haven't used anything else since. Everyone raves about it, even the ones that HATE that greasy feel. (and I'm at the top of that list) Never seem to get it with Debi's recipe! The only...
I always disolve the Dreamwhip in the milk first...haven't ever made it without doing that, don't know if that might affect the texture or not...but good luck and I hope it works out for you. It really is a fantastic recipe!
What's important isn't actually if the sugar comes from beets or cane, what matters is HOW the ps is processed, some cane sugar is processed on old machinery and has larger amounts of cornstarch added, some beet sugar is processed on newer or better machinery and has a lower percent of cornstarch. I've used cane sugar that was just grainy and awful. The beet sugar I use is processed on new machinery, in a more thorough manner and has a low percent of cornstarch. I may be...
I sort of rediscovered cake decorating because I kept buying cutters and molds for my polymer clay...I had an order for a miniature cake and researching it is how I discovered CC! Sooo glad she ordered that clay cake!!
Rub some crisco inside and also mix a little more Crisco in with the fondant so it's softer than what you would normally use. This will keep it from sticking. The right consistency will help avoid cracks, if it's too dry it will crack, but that can also result in some cool effects Best way to find out is just grab some fondant and play!!!
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