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Yes, you can use daisy cutters for blackeyed susans and sunflowers. You just alter the center. Add some paint for dimension. Every year my husband just asks for chocolate and icing - no fondant, no fancy-schmancy flavors or designs (his words). There are just three of us so I usually comply and make him a small cake, (all brown due to chocolate) with a simple border top and bottom. I include happy birthday and sometimes a few flowers/roses in shades of brown if possible....
Why not find a lip imprint you like online. Cut it out of something sturdy for a template. Then lightly outline on the cake to get the shape and paint the lip part with a paint brush and gel. You can make it streak in parts and separate in others so it looks like a real set of lips.
Find a rubber stamp with the lips you want. Mix some red gel color with a touch of white to make it more like paint instead of get. Paint the stamp with the food color and lightly press where you want it. Be careful so that you don't make an indentation.
Bumpin' to see if I'l get any responses.
Look up Macsmom. She has many amazing recipes for cake/filling/icing combos. I've made several of her cake recipes as cupcakes and they're always perfect. There is a white chocolate cheesecake flavored cake which I've made and it's wonderful so I'm sure there is a cheesecake flavored cake, too. If not, you can get Lorann's flavor in cheese cake and make a white cake or the WASC and flavor it with that. Happy caking and good luck!
Does anyone have the old Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste Course book they'd be willing to scan and send me? It's the one that has the cake with the pinkish fondant bow on top. The ribbon that wraps around the 'package' cut out inside. I'm teaching a course based on all old Wilton courses and I can't seem to find this book any longer. Thanks so much.
When I make the pumpkin cake/cupcakes I always use the cream cheese buttercream. I add cinnamon and nutmeg to it and it is yummy so I'd think some of the pumpkin pie spice would work well, too. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
Melt some chocolate squares or even chocolate chips (semi sweet) and incorporate that into your finished icing.
I haven't asked them what they're interested in because they mention fondant a lot. I told them what was covered in the third course and apparently it wasn't enough fondant for them. They asked about a fourth course. I'll see if I can find an old wilton book somewhere and then pick up a new version, too. Maybe do a combo?
I teach three levels of cake decorating at the local technology center. They're basically the old Wilton classes. I'm not so much locked in to what Wilton does or their products so I've shared some of what I've learned from CC and other places with the students.They're interested in a 4th level, knowing that the 3rd class doesn't get into fondant techniques as much as they'd like. I wouldn't want to just work on fondant all four weeks (12 hrs. total), but a variety of...
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