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thank you, I will try it
Hi, I need a cream cheese icing recipe that can hold to be piped and not melt so fast, I made the Wilton one but it was tooooooo soft. Any suggestions?Thank you
Thank you so much, I found something
Hi I have to make cupcakes to look like baseball & basketball but all my recipes make flat cupcakes and I need them with a round top, Please HELPthank you.
Thank you I will try this one too
Thank you very much, I will try them all
Hi, I am searching for the perfect yellow cake recipe; I have tried a few from the Wilton books and Food Network, but not what I am looking for. I want a recipe that the cake will come out looking like the Duncan Hines cake mix, nice and fluffy but with homemade taste if possible.I appreciate the help Thanks.
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