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I have a question. I am making a buttercream frosted cake for my granddaughter's 1st birthday. I baked yesterday. Wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in refrigerator overnight. Torted and crumb coated then placed in refrigerator. I then applied the final coat of crusting buttercream frosting. I then placed in the refrigerator. It didn't dawn on me until hours later that I forgot to smooth with the Viva Paper towel. In the morning I will remove the cakes from the...
I'm making a 14' x 14' square base cake for a pregnant belly. My 14" x 14" cake pan is 2" deep. Will it be thick enough if I add a filling (Mom wants fresh strawberry) or do I needed to make another 2" deep layer then fill. I hope your not to confused. Thanks
I forgot to post the final picture f the cake. The Mickey Mouse characters were purchased at the Disney Store.Lynda
Correct, will not be eaten. Thank you so much!
I am making a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "Dummy" cake for a party on Sunday This cake will be the table centerpiece. We will be serving cupcakes to guests. I am using styrofoam then covering with a crusting buttercream. Then finally marshmallow fondant. I would like to make this cake on Friday. Do I need to refrigerate between buttercream and fondant? Should I cover completed cake in plastic wrap until party time on Sunday?[img][/img]
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