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  I made this cake, too!  I used buttercream on the middle tier!  Good luck!
Hi!  I order a 50lb cube from my GFS in Ohio.  It is Sweetex!  
However, Beatty's chocoate cake used coffee instead of just water.  The coffee will enhance the chocolate flavor.
Try melted chocolate chips or candy melts.  You could even use royal icing.
Is it the crumb coat that won't stick?  It may be too stiff.  Try mixing some of your buttercream with water to thin it out and then pop your cake in the freezer for 15 minutes and then applying your final coat!
Thank you so very much for your help!!
Thank you for your help!  Do you just add sour cream to the mix and the regular ingredients listed on the box?  If so, how much?
I need to make a GF chocolate cake.  I was wondering if anyone has bought Betty Crocker or King Arthur GF cake mix before and turned them into an extended recipe by adding pudding mix?   I don't know if this will work.  Can anyone help?  Thanks!!!
I have done one before on buttercream using just plain ribbon that was washable.  I washed it and applied it to the cake while it was damp. 
Does anyone have a sample label for a decorated cake they would be willing to share?  I am just so confused on how to list the ingredients.  Especially for fondant covered cakes.  Thank you!!  
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