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Annie70 - I use the single count boxes from Big River Packaging, they are some of the cheapest I could find. Their website is Below is a picture of my cupcake bites... -adamsmom
I have done the Farmer's Market the past few years and have a very simple but organized display. I hopefully can get the picture to attach! I have matching tablecloths, use cupcake/cake boxes from big river packaging and have little "number holders" that are typically found in restaurants on tables to put the variety of cupcake on a card and then in the holder. I also have left room for a small binder with some of my work in it, business cards and prices in the middle. I...
I bought "The Cupcake Tower". I ended up buying the circle bundle and with shipping it was a total of $212.00. You get three different colored ribbons with it and can have 4 different size options since you get two smaller bases. Their website is: Good luck!
In my area that would be more than fair. I charge $33 for a single layer 9X13 and $18 for a 9'' single. If you decide to go ahead and pursue this you'll find numerous customers that will ask you how much something costs and then balk at the cost. I do agree with jason_kraft in that I would talk with the local health dept
Ok, so I finally took the plunge and bought a cupcake tower Now I have a question. When letting someone use the tower for an event (wedding, etc.) do you charge a rental fee or just require a deposit and when it's returned then they get their deposit back? I'm sorta split on which direction I would like to go on this one, so any feedback is appreciated! I can't wait to get the tower and try it out, yay!
I've only made it with chocolate and it's delicious! But, I'd love to know what it tasted like with vanilla. Good luck!
I have made my decorations up to two weeks in advance. Not sure how much further out you could strech it...I haven't been brave enough to try it longer than that yet. Good luck!
I would have to say it all depends on many, many facotrs. First, what are your costs for supplies (all of your cake ingredients, fondant, icing, etc, etc). Second, how much do you want to get paid per hour for your work. Third, what is the average cost of cakes in your area at different bakeries? What is your skill set in comparison to theirs? Fourth, is it legal for you to sell baked goods out of your home in your state/county?? I would contact your local health dept to...
Thanks so much! That is what I wanted to verify. I will respond to the customer.
I have a question regarding timeline when making fondant/gumpaste toppers. I have an order just for dinosaur toppers that will go on cupcakes. They would like 12 of them due on 3-18. My question is how far in advance can I make them and how would you package them?? I was thinking of placing them in food grade tissue, but wasn't for sure if they would break. Thank you for any input, it's greatly appreciated!
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