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I use the Hersey's Perfect Chocolate cake recipe and I have started to add a Tbsp of meringue powder to the recipe. I have found that it helps to firm it up a bit without drying it out.
I've used the Wilton no taste and I found that it did in fact have a taste. I'd love to do the airbrush thing but don't currently have one. It is on my wish list though.
Sorry haven't been on CakeCentral Forum in a while and I never got notifications about these responses.  Thanks so much for the advice.  I was told that the Super Red wouldn't have a taste but I'll try Tulip Red next time.  I did start with a pink base and I did a base coat of white icing problem was that I was using a star tip to fill in the red portions of a Captain America shield so there was still a lit of red icing.   Once again thanks for the advice.  
That's a great tip, I will have to remember that, thanks for the info!
@ FromScratchSF does adding baking soda change the flavour at all?
I've had this happen as well but I usually just use butter no shortening.
Good for you! It is so nice that you get to enjoy your hobby and give to charity at the same time.
Good for you! Even better that you didn't feel bad and better still she came back at regular price.
I made a Captain America shield for my son's birthday and I used the Americolor Red as I was told it didn't have a taste. My son wouldn't eat any of the cake with red icing because it didn't taste good. It was the same icing over the entire cake and he normally loves it (it's a white chocolate buttercream). I tried it and I have to agree with him, it didn't taste good. Did I do something wrong? Why did it change the taste?Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
I think this is wonderful! So often we concentrate on sharing the bad stuff, it is very nice to read about something good coming from someone. I am so glad that the guest took the time to do this and made your night and that you decided to share it with us here on CC.
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