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I totally agree with the freezing method.  I bake ahead all of my cakes and freeze for decorating later.  I have found that by freezing it keeps the cake fresh and definately moist when thawed.  I also have a tackle box stored with all of the items I may need to stack a cake on site.  I always take extra butter cream, fondant, tools etc and stack on site.  I always take a zip lock bag with a wet towel in it.  I was stacking a multi tiered wedding cake on site one time...
Thanks, I have done the swirl thing with various cake flavors and cheese cake and you are right red velvet and cheese cake do go well together, but the two separate layers on one tier, concerns me.  Not sure if I want to tackle this unless I practice and see if I can pull it off. 
Thanks for all of the your replies and suggestions.  I agree with all of you and I have had all of the same concerns.  According to the bride she was at a "bride show" somewhere and tasted a cake just as I described.  Each tier was red velvet cake and cheese cake.  According to her it was awesome.  The wedding is not until next May and we really have not confirmed anything yet.  This may be the first time I will be turning down a client, unless I can come up with an...
I have been asked to create a tiered wedding cake where each layer is 1/2 red velvet and 1/2 cheese cake covered with either smooth butter cream or fondant.  Help.  Is this possible and does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about doing the 1/2 & 1/2 part?   Thanks for any and all suggestions. RLove Cake Creations
Thanks I will do that.
I have been asked to make a dump truck cake with mini cupcakes as rocks. Does anyone have any ideas on where to start. I have a couple but am struggling with how to make a dump truck cake. Any help would be appreciated.
I have been hired to make a welcome cake for a new Dr. Starting at our hospital. The hospital has asked me to make something that incorporates his hobbies.....which are, hiking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking. This will be a full sheet cake and the layers are baked and in the freezer. Does anyone have an idea as to what or how to decorate. My brain is not coming up with anything.
I have been asked to make an over the hill tombstone cake. What was ordered is a 1/2 sheet cake with a (cake) tombstone coming out of the cake, kind of crooked like a halloween tombstone cake. The tombstone has writing on it and weeds and black roses at the base of the tombstone. My question is does anyone have a suggestion on how to make the tombstone sticking out of the base cake without it falling over?
I have been asked to make a 75th wedding anniversary cake. The couples favorite flavor is lemon. The kind of cake is not the issue. The couple's neice, who is throwing the party, would like a sheet cake and has left the decorating up to me. She really does not know what she would like except Happy 75th Anniversary. Does anyone have any suggestions. I was thinking of making it very simple. A two layer lemon sheet cake with buttercream filling between the layers. ...
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