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WoW Craftybarb and Sarah, both Loucinda and Khalstead are the 2 most informative people on here IMHO about Ohio regulations and laws. They both have helped me out tremendously on this site.
Have your friend ask some of the bakeries in your area the same thing, and you'll find out that many bakeries use cake mixes. I have been asked this 2 times in the 18 months since I have started doing this. I do both scratch and doctored cake mixes. My basic flavors are doctored mixes. The first customer went ahead with the order, she loved it. Her 14 year old, who is a team mate of my son, came to me as I was waiting for football practice to end and told me that I...
When I started I used straight box mixes now I doctor all my cake mixes. Either way, my brand that I use is Duncan Hines. I also bake at 325 instead of 350. Plus IMO, Duncan Hines yields more batter nearly 5.5 cups.
I did not get that from her at all. She only got defensive when others were starting to jump on her about what she stated. I think everyone reading too much into it.
I love the chocolate too. You can see in my pics that I use it quite a bit.
I use Rich's Bettercreme. I had no problems with fondant, even stored it in the fridge after decorating.
Slow for me too. I have only 3 cakes for this month. I have 2 orders already in February, so hopefully it'll pick up. I am getting ready to build up my wedding cake portfolio and get more into the wedding part of caking.
I do the same thing. For tall stacked cakes, I buy shipping boxes from Meijers, Walmart, etc. I then cut the sides so I can slip the cake in and tape the sides closed. I measure the cake height so I get a box where I can close the lid.
Same here with my cakes. I have tried freezing as well both warm and completely cooled. IMHO there is absolutely no difference in moistness and taste as not frozen, that is my own experience. So I don't freeze if I don't have to.
I like Americolor as well, but have used Wilton's with not many problems either. I just have to use more coloring. If I do not want chocolate, I start with blue. I find that it makes a nice truer black.For hot pink, Americolor's electric pink is good, but if you don't have that Wilton's rose pink makes a nice hot pink too.
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