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You ball would have wrinkled at the bottom because you had lifted it. Try keeping the ball on the table until you have almost smoothed to the bottom and them trim leaving just a small amount of fondant to work with. You will then be able to smooth is once you pick it up and join the fondant. Just make sure you work your fondant right down to the table first.[/img]
Hi There,I have made a 2D high heal shoe cake - the attached shoe and ball were all cake - is this what you are talking about??I just chose a picture of a shoe from the internet, made a template and cut out the shape and then covered it in the appropriate fondant - hope this helps.Kim
I have hand painted a few cakes and have no problem. I use either the gel colours or food colouring, put the colours I need in a small paint/pallet holder and put vodka in the middle - I add the vodka to each colour and make it as light or dark as required - you just use your colour like normal paints, are you trying to paint a picture or a whole cake??Here are some I have hand painted luck
Pleasure I am pleased it worked well for you.
Hi, you can increase the vodka, I have done that, I find that if you actually put the glucose in the vodka the night before, it breaks it down and it's easier to mix in.Good luck
Thanks for your kind comments. I will upload the picture is used for you. It's a great side shot - the rest of the carving I just did free hand copying th picture of the cake.I need to go to work now but will do it later tonight.CheersKim
Hi, I don't know whether this will help you but here is a tree I did - I did it with an 8", 7" 6" round, carved them slighted and then covered them in chocolate fondant.I made the branches from fondant and tyclose and let them dry before attaching them. luck,Kim
You will have no problem then - she will be able to create it for you.Good luck Kim
Hi,I paint alot onto my cakes and only use vodka and the colour. I never find it is sticky and it always dries quicky.Do not cover you cake in cornstarch before you paint it otherwise it will run because the colour is absorbed to the cornstarch instantly. You actually need to do the opposite and make sure you have not cornstarch residue on the cake before you paint.Here is one I did recently using vodka and blue...
Don't be so hard on yourself - we all had to start somewhere and sculpting cakes is not as easy as it looks - 90% of my cakes are sculpted and each time I do one, I learn something different.Good luck and don't be disheartened Kim
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