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I have a football cake in my photos, it was a sheet cake that served 300. I used the half sheet Wilton pan and it took 6 of them. I also had to contend with doorways and how to get it delivered in our van. Hope this helps.
My tastings are very specialized. I allow the bride and groom to pick several flavors of cake and fillings. This way they know what they really want. Just a couple weeks ago, I had a bride say she just wanted a lemon cake and a peanut butter cake. I said that is fine, but I would bring one cake of my choosing also. At the tasting, they chose the flavor I brought, Pink Champaign with Strawberry filling. I do open tastings about twice a year. I invite everyone to come...
No problem, Happy Baking!
I'm wondering how this would work to do on wax paper and then apply the dried flowers, leaves to the cake later. Has anyone tried this? The multiple layer idea would look really beautiful. . . HHMMMMM I just may have to try this.
It is asking for heavy whipping cream, you buy it next to the half and half in the dairy section.
Yes, I ALWAYS apply the $100 deposit to the cake order, but I do use that deposit for purchasing needed items for tastings. This was a referral from another wedding, they had already seen and tasted my cakes. They had asked for 6 different flavors to try and it was a 4 tier cake. Around here it is alot of word of mouth. Most of my orders are from past clients and referrals. Yes, it is a kick in the Cake Pan!!!! OMGosh I love that, made me laugh.
It was an actual wedding cake order. I don't usually do tastings unless I have a contract with a $100 non refundable deposit for the wedding cake order.
There is always a first time. . .you know, the first time to ride a bike without a helmet, the first time to drive without a sea tbelt and the first time to take a wedding cake order without a contract.I am extra cautious about ALWAYS getting a signed cake contract along with a deposit. I always do, until that day. . .I figured they were nice people, would just get the check from them at the cake tasting. The tasting WAS this weekend, I've bought all the ingredients even...
Only advice is use the Wilton fondant to practice with. NEVER EVER use it on a cake that someone will eat. It smells and tastes like dirty plastic.Oh and just practice with it and play with it. You will figure it out.
How about making up a logo that is really kewl cowboy boots, then put the logo on the baseball cap and football helmet. Just my $.02 Please post a picture so we can see what you do though!
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