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I want to create a cake with unusual elements, dry ice in a spacer, and top teir I want to do a fire element. It wouldn't last the entire night just when cake is brought out. What can I use to make fire without hurting cake? I thought about that puddy that lights on fire but didn't know if that would be safe. Anyone with some ideas?
Hi bakers,I am making a coconut sponge cake and I'm thinking an American style buttercream may be to heavy, ie. shortening, powder sugar, butter. I was looking at French buttercream with egg yolks and it sounds great but I'm worried about the heat and humidity of Texas. Anyone have experience with this? I never made a French buttercream, but have made boiled icing and that's only good for the day of and no good for heat. Any suggestions on icing choices?Thx!
Hi all! A while back I found a recipe for red velvet that included beets in the forum and didn't write it down. Now kicking myself I am in search of the recipe again. The Waldorf Astoria red velvet found here under recipes is horrible! If you know of a red velvet recipe that has beets and is moist and would work well for wedding cake please share! I need to make it this week. Thanks!
I am making cake balls for a wedding right now. My question is can I stop and store them in the fridge overnight without putting the candy coating on?
I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've been using the same ganache recipe forever but now every time I make it it gets lumpy! I've tried heating it in the microwave after making it to get the lumps out but its no working. What am I doing wrong?!? I have 2 cake orders coming up that are ganache cakes and I can't have them looking like this.HELP!
I am delivering a cake TODAY and I'm concerned that I might be delivering too early (I've got a busy schedule today that doesn't allow ms to deliver later) my cake is a 4 tiered caked covered in fondant. Under fondant is ganache and cream cheese bc. If I deliver at 12:30 and it won't be served till 7 will that be ok?Appreciate quick responses. Thanks!
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