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shannycakers ... go to where all the TABS are( HOME,RECIPES , GALLERIES ....and so forth) the last TAB  says  MY FAVS  put your "cursor" there and a drop menu comes down, click on one of your choice!    Good luck!     Ciao!
I made a cake following the first link that I give you, I did exactly as it is shown in the flicker tutorial.     In this seond link, the procedure is somewhat explained.   I hope it helps you, good luck!   Ciao!
Welcome to CC!!  This has been very helpful to me, and thanks to Rylan's generosity I have it. I hope it also helps you.   Good luck!     Ciao!!
I am sorry that I was not clear enought.... When I first put the time in the alarm is just for me to be alert  to my baking, at this time the cake is not done yet but it will be in a few more minutes. I just have to check and see. when the alarm sounds I put the oven light on and check first of all for the color of cake if it is the right golden color of a done cake.   Most of the times it is a very light golden color , this tells me without opening the oven that it...
I always bake at 325. I would put the alarm for 35 min and when it rang.... it means it is time for me to start checking on it , I turn on the oven light  and look at it...if it looks very light I put some more time like 5 or 10 more min. on the alarm. When it rangs again , I open the oven and touch it if it spings back is done, but to make sure I do the toothpick   test. If when I touch it is a little sticky I give it 5 more min., follow by the  spring back test and...
I am just doing it again!     Ciao!
I went to one of my favorites cookie "MASTER"  blog's   " The sweet adventures of sugarbelle"  and found the following article check it out     and also the links at the bottom of her article. Ciao!
Have you try the recipe? If you have not, why don't you do a trial run  and see if it is foolproof as you are hopping?  If you freeze the cake as suggested  be sure to wrap it well with film wrap, I usually wrap it three times.     Good luck!   Ciao!
That is a new take on the rose cake by I am baker , came out beautiful!  Congratulations!   Ciao!
It is much easier to do decorations in fondant. Might be cheaper also. I have been doing cookies for some time, and I still can not do a decent one in anything but fondant. You can see my gallery. I am a hobbyst.  I also think in order to have a more manageable class it should be smaller size. This way you could  be able to do some teaching.   The link I am sending you is very...
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