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maybe like this!   Ciao!
I use film wrap.  I use MMF plus a little gumpaste or tylose ,roll it out place film on top, cut and let it dry a bit before mooving it to apply... Hope that helps! good luck!   Ciao!
Maybe you just have to put cupcakes  decorated as  ornaments??? It's a though
caty389... busca  tylose y se lo pones al  pedacito de fondant  que vas a usar para la cruz. Solo se le echa un poquito y lo amasas hasta integrarlo bien.  Después cortas la pieza y lo dejas secando. Dependiendo del tamaño de la cruz  decidirás si necesitas ponerle  unos palitos para incrustarlo en el pastel y que se mentengan paraditos.   Suerte!     Ciao!
AIZCouture... I grated down a 8" round foam core that I had. But I think if I had to cut the round myself from a "board"  I would now finish it with the cheese grater!     Ciao!
AZCouture...I just would like to mention, the other day I needed a smaller size foam core circle...and I only had an eight in., since I did not wanted to cut myself making what I had smaller, I used a very fine cheese grater all around the edge! Now you have to do this in your patio or outside because it is a little messy but it gives you a very rounded edge.   Hope this helps someone!   Ciao!
You buy texture mats or texture pins and you press it on fondat before covering the cookie otherwise you run the risk of breaking the cookie.After it is on the cookie you can finish the... did a good job on your sheet cake, I do not see anything wrong with it. The only thing that may have affected your cake if you still think there is something wrong would be if you did not have enought support at the  bottom of the cake. You need to have a cake drum  because those sheet cakes are heavy if it is a two layer sheet cake.   I would like to recomend you to see corrie76's cakes she mostly does sheet cakes in buttercream and they are all...
To me it seems to be a 6in. by 10in. tops.  maybe 25 servings ? 25x3.00=75.00     or   25x4.00=100.00        But since I am a hobby baker and do not have the experiance of a pro  for me total price would be $ 85.00  if it only is the size that I presume.  The cakes that I have made so far....take me hours and hours to make, if I started charging someone by all the hours it takes me no one  would be able to afford me!!     So if I ever do it as a business I would charge  ...
I use this.   Good luck!   Ciao!
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