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Hi car1979...   Maybe this link can help you, I hope so.   Good luck!   Ciao!
Enjoy,   I have seen so many beautiful cookies, but his work is awesome!
Gracias por el pasa-a-paso! Ciao!
Whatever fondant is extra in the mold I scrape it off very gently as to not disturb the rest, if it pulls off I push it back in and finish scraping, then I pass my fingers on the mold as to have a smooth finish in the back and pull off the  piece.Hope it helps.   Ciao!
Evelyn1     http://*********.com/cakes/cupcakes/i-heart-strawberries-cupcakes Lo unico que todo es en ingles pero se entiende.    Ciao!
Hi, maybe this helps  some.   Ciao.
Happy New Year, to everyone!! My dear CC friends, once again I am in need of your help. I have  tips and have seen some you tube on construction of one, but still feel the need for reassurance that I can make this happen !. Even if I am still in shock!!!My sister has ask me to make her baby shower cake. She has given me this cake to replicate as close as possible, minus the feathers  and...
Hope this helps     Good luck       Ciao!
maybe like this!   Ciao!
I use film wrap.  I use MMF plus a little gumpaste or tylose ,roll it out place film on top, cut and let it dry a bit before mooving it to apply... Hope that helps! good luck!   Ciao!
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