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Hello annakat444! Are you letting the loops dry before attaching to form the bow?   I am sending you some links hope it helps you!     Good luck!   CIAO!
i hope this can help you.   CIAO!
I hope this helps you some Good luck!     Ciao!
Hola lesliga!   Tratare de dar respuesta a tu pregunta.   cuando se trata de hacer ciertas decoraciones para el pastel y de que tenga cierta firmeza se usa 50/50 . Tus adornos siempre necesitan ponerlos a secar para que endurezcan.  Por lo general estos seran adornos que no se consumen, ya que la combinacion no es apetecible. se pueden comer solo que el sabor es bastante desabrido, solo son para adorno. ejem. figuras o flores. Tambien uso esta proporcion (50/50)...
I  roll the fondant to thicknes desire and afterwards apply corn starch or powder sugar  with a make up brush             (just for this) this prevents the stencil from sticking to fondant. Hope this helps!   CIAO!
Hope this helps you.   Good luck!     Ciao!
Hi....I hope the following link gives you some idea.   use the google translator, she uses edible glue.  Some other persons use royal icing.   Good luck!   CIAO!
She is so wonderful, sharing her knowledge and time with all of us in the cake world!!!   I have seen all her videos on You tube.   I know that you will learn as much as I am learning.     CIAO!
Hi Hungarygreek... I hope this link helps you. The person is using a Wilton Mold. She says she only use fondant, but I would do it 50/50 fondant/ gumpaste.     Good luck!   CIAO!
Thank you, emmc! I will check later for post.   Ciao!
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