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terrycot... una pequeña observacion, primero tiene que exponer bien su pregunta . Asi como lo hizo es mas probable que nadie se moleste en responderle por que no se sabe de antemano cual es su problema. Espero que no se ofenda.   A pesar que solo soy una aficionada a este arte, paso a decirle lo siguiente. CC es maravilloso para encontrar y recibir ayuda, pero toma tiempo. Asi que le recomiendo siempre chequear google, pero eso si haciendo bien la pregunta. Es lo que yo...
I am only a hobby decorator, and I know how to make cakes from scracht, I took classes to learn. But since I was eleven years I have make box cakes and I always butter and flour bottom and sides of pan. My cakes have always come out perfect.Lately in addition of buttering and flour I also line the bottom . Maybe it is because I have all this time in my hands!!LOL(retire now)   CIAO!
good morning! As I have read, yes you can reuse it. I imagine that you take the fondant out and would just clean it with a paper towel, I would not use water, the foam might absorb it. I never asked about it because cake dummies were not mine, my friend bought it. If you have more questions about it, I would Google for info " how to clean cake dummies"      HTH   CIAO!
Hello pamalbake!!! I just went through this last week. I got a lot of help from very generous ladies of CC.Pls take some time to read this post   I hope it helps you, it sure was lots ofr help for me.   Good luck!   Ciao   P.S. To answer your question, I quilted right after covering dummy cake with fondant. 
Maybe  one of these links can help you.  Hope so.     Good luck     CIAO
Good day, ladies! HERE IT IS as promise! I still can not believe I made this. It looked so beautiful!! .I do not think there  will be  a picture in the wedding album  without the cake in it. Everyone had to have a picture with this” MASTER PIECE” ! Sorry to post so many pictures but I am so proud of this work!  I will tell you the latest drama on this project. I was getting very worry again because  I could not get long pieces of fondant for the swirls.  I did put some...
Chocaholikk...i found this link for you   .        Good luck!     Soledad
This could be an impression mat. Press it into the .fondant and after cut a circle witha cookie cutter, a circle size which will fit cupcake top. paint wiht luster dust and vodka.HTH   check following link.   Soledad
Good day, CC friends!!!  I need long thin pieces of fondant! I do not have an extruder nor fondant smoother. I   have try by hand but keeps breakng before I can achieve desire lenght what else can I do ? .I need to cover the following swirls on this dummy cake. I thank you in advance.   Soledad. 
God morning, good morning, good morning!!!Ladies I am so very, very happy!!!!   With your help and encouragement this is what I have so far. Fondantslinger, yes!! Wedding is tomorrow evening, beachfront. This Friday afternoon, I will be sequester (is that the right word? Maybe the computer will let me know!?) Anyway, I will take the tiers as is, and will finish decorating this evening at the place of party.  Fondantslinger, I got the black dragees,  it does not look black...
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