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K8memphis,that is a brilliant idea!!!!  Foam core to make the shape and then to make the cutter!!! Thank you. CIAO!!!
On  a recent trip to Michaels I found  "MOD MOLDS " these you can use with MOD MOLD MELTS .I am wondering can I use them with fondant or gumpaste?? They have a great price  and with a coupon it would be even better!!!  Have any of you seen it?? What do you think??? Thank you fo your help!   Ciao!
I have a PME snowflake puncher set of three. You just   Google it. It cost me around 9.00 for a set of three, just dust it with corstarch and cut away, it comes out perfect!   Ciao!!
Great coockie cutter making info on this thread. I just though I would post on it to  "revive" because it might help someone.   Thank you ladies for all your research!   CIAO!
It looks like real lace! I enlarge the photo and that is what it looks like.I might be wrong.
! looked up calix cutter and this is what I found. Sorry the link is not working. look in GOOGLE IMAGES   I suggest to also look into the clay department of your closest hobby center You might get lucky I seem to remember seing very small flower cutters.. But it is not a daisy cutter  because a daisy cutter has too many leaves. Good luck!   CIAO!!! a
Wilton nature mold has very tiny blossom flowers on it. HTH   CIAO!                       I do not know why the link is not working!!! go to GOOGLE and look in images for Wilton nature mold.                                                               
AZCouture, yes I   agree, piping it is.  But is it possible to do the little icing leaves as transfers???  I have never work with royal icing. I have only use it as glue.   Good luck, on your project hmkatie!
I found it !!!!!!     CIAO!!!
hello ladies!! shannonann...yes  I also  believe it is!!!  Thank you!   sweetia....Thank you!!   cakegrandma... Thank you!   AZCouture... Thank you! I    K8memphis...yes!!! the feeling is GREAT!!!!  Thank you!   fondantslinger,,, Thank you so much!! Yes I allways give my all to everything I do!!      You all have made me very happy with your comments. Thank you!!!!I     Till next time!!!   CIAO!
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