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Help!One of my oldest friends is getting married and asked me if I would do 150 cupcakes. My first thought was to bake and frost here and transport. That's a lot of boxes to transport considering I can't stack and still have room for my luggage.Two other options: Bake at home and....1. leave really early and use the on-site kitchen to frost. 2. make the frosting here and take it, rewhip and frost. So nervous. I do my own thing at home. I know I'll be under pressure when...
Thanks! I will try that...very good to know since so many people don't want fondant on their cake.
Hello....I see many gorgeous cakes that are done either with bc or fondant. Ho do you use ribbon to make abstract shapes and criss cross with them getting greasy?
Wow....thanks all....I've learned alot.
Is there any way to get buttercream, IMBC or SMBC white? I know I can use shortning for the buttercream....but the other receipes for the IMBC ane SMBC all use butter. This leaves a yellow tint to my "white". What am I missing? I want nice smooth WHITE frosting on my cupcakes.Thanks in advance
Please all have commented on her receipe and not one search helps me find her.
I also us the Wilton cake lifters but still difficult. I love the response of cutting the cake....I am thinking to DUH...thanks so much for that one. Now I can breath again.
I've seen a ton on here from years past LOVE EM. How do you do? I read mini ball pan from Wilton, some say cupcakes....fondant or what? if someone can give me some detailed instructions that would be wonderful! I'm pretty new to the cake stuff and love to try new things. Thanks much
I am making roses for my final cake class which are black and red. How do I get the pretty dark forest green color?
It's not smooth like my wilton books and classes. Maybe too then it wasn't stiff enough......UGH
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