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I think your cake is beautiful and worth every cent you charged! Some people just need things to complain about. I wouldn't worry about it one more second!
I have had my busiest week ever since starting my home business in January. I had 3 birthdays, one graduation and one "divorce anniversary". I made my first topsy turvy tonight which was really stressful. 14 hours in the kitchen today!
I have recently found myself in the same boat! I spent all day monday and tuesday baking and making buttercream, wednesday made fondant and gum paste accents. I bake and freeze even if time isn't a factor. I have found it makes my cakes moister and denser and easier over all to work with. I double wrap them in plastic wrap and let them thaw completely before unwrapping.
I got an airbrush for Mother's Day! Yay! I don't know anything about them! I do have one airbrush color though! Can someone please give me the basics? For instance....Do I need to thin the airbrush color even more with vodka? Can I use regular Americolor colors and thin them? What PSI should I aim for? Any help at all you can give me would be AWESOME? TIA!
Hi - I have the lacy leaf cutters and they do work just like a cookie cutter. If you are having problems with them sticking, just let your fondant sit out for a little while before you cut out your shapes. That should make it easier to get them to release. Also, you could try dipping the cutters in a little cornstarch before you cut. Hope that helps!
I use BC cake mix and add 1 box of white chocolate pudding and 1/3C sour cream. I bake at 325 and wrap them in plastic wrap while they are still slightly warm. Super moist!
When I first started making gumpaste flowers, I struggled with it...and still do sometimes but I bought this 5petal rose cutter and it worked great! There are others like it that are probably just as good. I hope this link works. Good luck and have fun.
I usually put mine on by brushing a little piping gel on the back side of the flower. It hasn't failed me yet!
Something about the call just didn't feel right. Thanks for confirming!
I got the weirdest phone call today. It was from one of those hearing impaired operators. The person on the other end wanted 500 cupcakes for next friday. They said the order would be picked up by private courier and he would pay with a credit card. They didn't even ask how much I would charge. I am a home baker and would have had a difficult time filling this order since I already have a wedding cake due that day. Anyway, I told him I was not set up to handle an order...
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