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Hey Heath, I canceled my subscription back on February 22, 2012. My order number was 36976 and I received a confirmation that my subscription request was received, but now I've received the next digital issue which I do not want and am still waiting for my full refund, as I received no issues. I immediately used the contact link, but from other things I've read I don't know if I'll receive a reply. Any additional help would be greatly appreciated to resolve this. Thanks!
Sorry, but home based baking is illegal in CA. (Unless the rules changed when I wasn't looking.) You will need to look into renting commercial kitchen space. There is a petition online you can sign to try to get a cottage food law, here's the link:
Thank you so much imagenthatnj!!
I rolled the stripes along the length to keep them as straight as possible. Then I put that on top of the solid color and rolled them together. Then I cut the square so I could pick the best looking area. I didn't cut the squares in line with the stripes because my stripes were not perfect either, I think it helps with the illusion!
Thanks!!I'm thinking to attach the lollypop stick you could make your pinwheels and let them dry then attach the stick with a piece of fondant/gumpaste over the stick. Or put the fondant over the stick like a cap and let it dry then use water to glue it all together. Does any of that make sense??Or do chocolate, just more carefully than I did! Hopefully someone else has some great advise.
Hi Karsn,I made the third pinwheel cake imagenthatnj listed. days is plenty of time to dry, especially if you are adding tylose.Also, I stuck my pinwheels on lollypop sticks with melted white chocolate (because it was a last minute decision). It worked fine except it was not the most pretty on the backside. I put them on the cake when I got to the party.Good Luck and please share when you finish it!
I have to say, I think you need the capital c to let the customer know it's two words, otherwise you need to add a space between. When you put it all together with nothing to define the next word it's harder to read: suziecakes vs. suzieCakes. The capital also helps to emphasize that you sell cake. I think the issue with it visually is that the C is not centered in the oval and centered below your cupcake, but then it puts the suzie part too far too the left. I would try...
You could remove the letters and make thick white icing to repair the damage and turn them into clouds, and add clouds around the sides of the cake too. Good luck!!
Absolutely! Make sure you chill it well before you put the fondants on, it will be easier.
Hi Mommachris, I'm in CA also and it takes a week to get my orders with regular shipping. (if I order on Tuesday I'll receive it the following Monday)I've never had a problem and when something wasn't in stock they called to see if I wanted them to hold the whole order or ship what was available. Good luck!
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