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Hi everyone,I currently live in GA and will be moving to WV after a bit.... Can anyone give me tips advice.... I am excited for they have a cottage food law and kinda intimidated to LOL. I know that you can't sell any cakes that require refrigeration. I have found a cream cheese flavoring extract. Has anyone tried this? Also do you have any tips for me since i have never dealt with a cottage food law state before ? Thanks so much
Hi everyone,I a trying to help y besty locates some purple cupcake boxes. Do you guys know of a place to get the at a reasonable price ??
Hi everyone,I am in an dilema and I hope that you guys can help me out. I am wanting to get a cricut cake but I am not sure whether to just get a mini or a regular size one. What are your thoughts?Thanks so much,Cebrena
Thank you for all your responses! @ Patty T thanks very much i did find one on Martha Stewarts website! I appreciate all of your help will post pics of the cake when finished
Hey guys does anyone have a really good marble cake recipe? I need one for a cake next week?
I signed the petition! I really hope that we can get them to pass this! It would mean a great deal to be able to help support my family! And make people smile of course
Thank you all for all of your help
I have a question and this is probably going to sound quite silly. If you have someone that comes to you with a cake order and you have to buy a certain pan to make this cake. Do you charge them for having to buy the pan and if so how much?
Hi everyone,I am wanting to make an cake with an waterfall on it for my daughters birthday. What would be the best way to go about making the waterfall??
Ok I have a question concerning angel food cakes. I have not really baked them much. can you bake them in a sheet pan and fill them as other cakes or no?
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