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gracias intentare captain morgan pq felipe ll esta descontinuado aqui ,
gracias por compartir esta receta ,es casi parecida a una receta q uso pero mi pregunta q clase de brandy porque yo ami me dieron una lista de 5 brandy de preferencia para usar pero aqui en philadelphia es un imposible de conseguirlos so q sugieres
around a year ago or so i did the same cake, since it was for my godson i decided to go with styrofoam ball to match the size of the red bottom of the house i wrap it in plastic wrap and covered it with modeling chocolate , for my personal experience works d best because u dont have seams and it seal and smooths easy the bit of steam will take care of the rest as well for the ears( ears i used after covering them with d chocolate i attached a toothpick to conect both ears...
yeah...i did find something but i guess i would have to hand paint them or so! thanks for the suggestion !
please ...please I`m a very critical moment i been asked to add bridesmaids figurines for a wedding cake BUT i been searching in my local craft &cake decorating stores but it seems impossible for me to find...the bride want an expecific color as for orange...the only thing close enough is a quinceanera figurine in orange but ...will this do...? most place are discontinued ! help!any advice im open for sugestions! thank you!
where do u buy your cake flour for $0.13 cents? most all of the time I go local and yes here in Philadelphia, PA. its a marketplace that sells food and utensils for restaurants in which is open to the general public and they have a limited area for pastry some things are sold by the case and others individually and i found a 20 pound satin ice white/vanilla fondant and i could not beat their price 43.99 a bucket, in which in a other local location they had a 5 pound satin...
honestamente yo opino que los precios estan bien pero recuerda , cuando uno compra en las tiendas uno compra retail no wholesale y por ende los precios varean, y si por lo general consigues unos ingredientes baratos en un lugar y de repente no hay, tienes que buscar otra tienda y sucede mucho que el precio sea mucho mas alto, so cobras por el precio mas alto aunque luego lo consigas barato y otra cosa tomar en consideracion, tu trabajo cuesta tiempo y elaboraciones y los...
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