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Thank you!
Hi all - just wondering if anyone has ever coloured the wire flower stamens and how you did it. I have some white ones and need them to be a peachy colour for a wedding cake next week. I have peach paste colour and was thinking about painting them with colour and alcohol? Would this work? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!Thank you!Lauren
Hi All - I have been asked to do a swimming pool cake with white fondant and blue jelly for the water. If I chill my cake in the fridge, can I pour the blue jelly straight onto the white fondant and then let it set or will it make the fondant sticky and bleed colour everywhere?Any help would be most appreciated -even it it's from a "what NOT to do" point of view! I need this cake to be really good!TIA.
Yeah that's right Debi, can't fit a finger down there, but it's not flush. Have been using a bench scraper (actually a plastic tool from the hardware, which I think is for tiling - but it works!) I must be holding my hand at an angle! Thanks for the heads up - practise makes perfect I guess!
Hi all - I am doing my first square wedding cake and have to attach a pale coffee coloured ribbon to an ivory cake. I secured the back with sugar glue to see if it would dry clear, but NO! Is there something else I can use so the ribbon sits flush, its kind of sitting out from the cake along the straight edges if that makes sense. TIA
Blaagghhh.........vomit![/quote]lthiele wrote: Ok - jealousy happening over here! Is it possible to make either IMBC or SMBC with a bench mix master or is a KA a must have? I make SMBC with a hand mixer when I vaca to my mother's... she has no baking supplies, i even have to by the hand mixer somewhere for 10 bucks...Excellent - thanks for that, I just didn't want to blow up my mixer! I guess if I used a whisk - it'd be the cardio I needed to work off what I was about to...
Wow Vic - this is really heartbreaking, it sounds like someone in your local Council / Goverment Office is really trying to make your life hard. I don't know if this is useful or appropriate to your situation, but we have something called the Dept of Fair Trading over here. That's where I would be headed in your situation.It sounds like they are restricting your right to trade for whatever reason. My dad has 2 mobile coffee vans and just went through something similar. He...
Ok - jealousy happening over here! Is it possible to make either IMBC or SMBC with a bench mix master or is a KA a must have?
I've never tried making either, but am dead keen now too! So we know that they do not stand up well to heat, but do they need to be refrigerated to maintain their shape and / or to be safe?
I normally do use corn starch to roll my fondant and have never had any probs (other than sometimes, I guess it adds to drying out quicker), but this time I was using it too literally soak up all the excess moisture! I had a big bowl of it and a blush brush (which I only use for cakes) I ended up with dull, patchy, splotchy fondant. I think that was a one of though. I cant imagine rolling out fondant to lay on a cake without corn flour underneath! But then I am nowhere...
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