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HI ladies! I'm making the red velvet ones for a little party today and wanted to know if anyone has used the injector to "inject" frosting in the balls and then do the candy coat? I really want to use cream cheese frosting inside them. Any tips? TIA,
I'm sending my friend to Yonkers and Jersey tomorrow. Sometimes NYC does NOT have it all. lol
Hmmm, let's give it a couple of months, then let's check cakewrecks. lol I made a chocolate sour cream cake and calculated just the ingredients to be over $17- not including, vanilla, oil, salt, coffee. Crazy!
Are you sure? "cause here's my email if you change your mind. (&*^&*^*^ lol
Don't waste your time on the cake pop stand at Michaels. It sucks!!!
I can't find Everclear in NYC. ugh!
LOL. I had to laugh.
I love that cake. If my prima ballerina sees it she'll want it for her 4th birthday coming up. You seriously undercharged.
ok, just a question. She already told you what her budget is ($125), so why don't you just tell her how far the $125 is going to take her/how much cake she's going to get? I think that would save you a lot of resentment and misunderstanding down the road. AND she's already cutting into your business by telling people how you bend down and lower your prices as long as they tell you they are only paying X and they want XYZ. Your cakes are gorgeous, and friends don't take...
Jason, it breaks my heart because I paid 4 times for my wedding cake what I paid for my cake and I want everyone to be as crazy about cakes as me. lol When I look at pictures like these I just think that who the heck knows if some of these brides actually paid good money for their cakes and got robbed by these idiot wreckers. I know of at least 2 cases where people go into a website or a facebook page and there are wonderfully gorgeous cakes (made by other decorators) but...
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