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Thanks for the help. I may try to do it without the outline next time. I outlined, thinned the icing, and flooded right away, but it still was quite obvious there was an outline, so I'll just have to try again. Thanks.
I am having trouble with getting my flood to "mesh" with my outline. The cookies look good, but you can definitely see a difference with the outline and the flood. Any suggestions to make it look like one consistent frosting piece?
As someone who just bounced a check for the first time in my life due to my daycare holding and cashing 3 weeks worth of checks at the same time (and me not realizing that the last 2 weeks hadn't been cashed yet) I would call them first - and yes on their honeymoon - and it may be something as simple as the order of how funds went in and out of the account. I was so embarrassed and called daycare right away after it happened and it was fixed right away. They may have no...
This sounds right. I'm always amazed at how cheap people try to get cakes (I just do them for friends for cost) and I have them just pay for supplies. They jump at the cost of supplies - I should have them try to make it themselves.
I guess I was supposed to use a crusting buttercream to get the nice smooth finish. I definitely used a firm board underneath - I used a wooden one that didn't give with moving. And I did frost and let them sit overnight also thinking that all the settling should be done. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Just have to try again. Thanks for the suggestions.
I bought the SugarShack video, practiced, got my cake fairly smooth for the first go-round. Looked pretty good on the table. Then I moved it. The crusting buttercream cracked all the way around the cake, so when I got it to my location, I had to try and resmooth the whole thing, which was tough since it was decorated. Any ideas?
1 year old? sure - 3 years old? maybeI'm a mother of 4, and at age 3 my kids could eat fondant, chew gum, even eat playdough or anything of similar consistency.Are these first time moms? They seem slightly overprotective. Take the cake and have them pull the fondant off. Just my suggestion-
My suggestion is to get the recipes from the gals that have the good tasting gluten free ones. My bf daughter is gluten sensitive and has me make her cakes for her birthdays and brings me a gluten free mix that then I add stuff to (pudding,etc). Both my husband and I think it tastes awful, but they like it, so I continue to do it for her.
My cousin was turning 16 (about 2 yrs ago) and my aunt wanted to have a Cars themed party. I had been watching a lot of Ace of Cakes and thought I can do this - so I made Lightning McQueen and it was a hit. I have done maybe 10 cakes total since then, so I am still learning, but everyone loves how my cakes taste, so they really don't care how they look. I've only made a couple for other people other than family and I don't think I'll do that again - too much hassle. ...
I need some tips on a square cake covered in fondant. I always end up cutting strips out at the corners and trying to match them up then smooth them out. Is there an easy way so I don't have to trim? I can do circles okay, but not sure how to do the squares without all the extra. Thanks.
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