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I think it's better you ask your group. The ingredient that can be found in desserts that would bother a vegetarian would be gelatin. So piping gels, some home made fondant recipes etc.
Hi,I think you'll love creating a purse cake. I've only done it once, but it's a fun cake to make.I like how you've planned out your process. I would do a few things differently, but not much.I agree that making the fondant early is good, especially since it's hot pink it will benefit having an extra day to develop good color.You write you plan to bake your cake on Thursday. Why not freeze the cake as soon as it has cooled? You can cut it in thirds first if it helps, but...
Have you heard of a cake club called the Casanova? haven't joined because I don't have my evenings free ever. It might be a bit of a drive since it's in Alexandria, VA.There is a cake supply shop in Fairfax, VA called fran's cake and candy... they updated their web site they had a spot where you can sign up for classes. But I can't see it anymore so I don't know if they stopped offering classes or if...
Yes, I like the name cake truffles too. Just wanted to make sure there wasn't something else.My last cake was a carved cake and it really felt like such a waste with all the cake scraps. I thought of all the beautiful cake pops I've seen here.
I think the best answer would be to just say you do both. Customers will ask for different reasons and if the reason is that they want to avoid certain ingredients found in mixes you could easily help by informing which cakes are all scratch.
What do you mean with cake balls are like truffles? I have seen other posts talk about cake truffles and I have never understood what that is. The truffles I make are ganache either rolled in cocoa powder, or coated in chocolate. Are there other truffles?I have never made cake balls, but became interested when I saw these pans. I assume cake balls made with cake crumbs and icing end up being overly sweet, since they are so small and then on top of being mixed with icing...
This thread wasn't about mix vs. scratch as if any is better than the other like most of the other mix and scratch debates here. The OP's question was focusing on the fact that she thought she was lied to, and the discussion has been about the morals of customer service and what the word scratch could mean to bakeries.
I will definitely look for those brands in the extracts (I use the Nielsen Massey for my vanilla).My closest cake supply shop carries a brand called Silver Cloud. Have any of you heard of it or tried it for extracts? I have never heard of the Olive Tree before but will be searching for it. How exciting, so many new things to try!Thanks again!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!I have never had or made lemon cake, but it has been on my list of next flavor I would like to try. This is just what I needed to hear to get inspired.From what you wrote, can I use a recipe I already know works as a base and just change it the way you described?Would you recommend yellow or white, or does it not matter?
If only these TV shows could list their prices it would give a reality check to so many future brides/customers.
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