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I would never try a 4 inch pan. I do two 2 inches. The baking time would kill me!
It works great with white cake. Very yummy and sturdy!
look in the recipes for "cake mix extender". I use it all the time. Soooo good!!
I highly reccommend Duncan Hines yellow cake mis with the cake mix extender using sour cream instead of yogurt. I sculpt all the time and this is a great, sturdy and tasty cake.
I've started one from gumpaste but I'm not sure it'll hold up. It has to be 8 inches in diameter so it's pretty big. I suppose I could use wire in the gumpaste but I think it won't look great.Any ideas would be appreciated!
I used a metal baster without the attachment. It was a pain to make all that I needed but that was the only way I got it to work. I had to make a few batches due to hardening and discoloration. Here's the cake I made all the jewels for:
I know it's too late but for future cakes you can use lollipop sticks. I carefully curved them and hot-glued them where necessary. MUCH easier than trying gumpaste or fondant.
jillk The more ammo the better! I'm in!
I just wrote this in another post. It fits here too!!Here's what kills me. You order a large pizza that has 8 servings. You pay $16 for the pricier pizza places that are always packed because the pie is good. Now that's $2 a serving for something that took them 10 to 15 minutes to make. No one haggles, no one complains. Families do this once a week!! But a cake than can take 8 or more hours to create should be the same price (or less) as a pizza?!? *sigh*
I had pizza tonight and it dawned on me. Then I got really mad! LOL!!
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