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Thanks everyone. You are probably right. I do a crumb coat, but even that has a hard time sticking so my guess is it is too thick.
Be patient, I am new at cake decorating. I have a hard time getting buttercream to stick on carved cake, even if I use the big icing attachment and a parchment bag. Is there some trick?
Thank you so much for the replies! This is going to be my first two tiered cake ever and I have been keeping myself up at night with questions in my head!
I am making my daughter's birthday cake and I would like the top layer to be a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I am covering in fondant and was wondering if I had to dirty ice with BC or if I could just use store bought chocolate icing for under the fondant to make it stick.
I am really new to cake decorating but am having a great time. I am going to be making the Wilton I clown cake in a couple of weeks and I would like to put a 1/2 beach ball on the top of the cake like Kakesbykitty did on this fab cake the heck do you make the ball?? Kakesbykitty, I hope you don't mind me using this. I am dreading making this cake because I think clowns are really creepy but...
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