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Kara, aka costumeczar,    THANK YOU for your great tutorial.   You were very generous of your time and talent to share it with everyone.
Thanks Missy227, appreciate you taking the time to give us help.
Auntginn, I'm not really sure how it is done.   I don't want to give you the wrong information.  Can someone that has made this cake answer the question?
I found the information on the cake forum, posted May 4, 2012 under Rose Petal Cake.
I was able to find the tutorial.  Thanks for helping me find it. Love this community of helpful decorators.
Thanks beachandsweets, that is the cake I was looking for.  I saw a tutorial for it and now I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated
Thanks sweettooth 101, but that is not the one I am searcing for.  The rose is a large one that the petals keep getting bigger and bigger then appear to seperate and appear floating/falling off the main large flower.
Please help me find the tutorial with the rose on the side of a cake that has the floating petals. I can't remember where I saw it.   Thanks for your help.
MRSG1111How much chocolate do you add to a batch of buttercream with 2lb of sugar?
Sorry I didn't catch your link for the Wilton pan. That is the one I was refering to.I believe it is the one on the cake pictured.
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