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I made a wedding cake with dogwood flowers, but I didn't put branches on it. It's in my photos. It might give you some ideas. Sherry
I got my boxes from www.sugarcraft.comSherry
Sherry, what size boxes did you get? Thanks, NatyNaty...I got the Apple All-Clear 3-5/8X3-5/8x4-1/4 inch boxes.They are just the right size. With shipping they average a little over a $1 each.Sherry
I am making 75 of those for my daughters wedding in Nov. I got the boxes at sugarcraft.Sherry
frosting111....I knew you were from Texas before I checked to see because you said that you were "fixing" to do your cake I live in Texas and I am always "fixin" to do something
Thanks so much
I am getting ready to use my chocolate molds for the first time. Do I coat the molds before I pour the chocolate in?Sherry
Steady2Hands....thank you so much for the info.
I got them at my favorite cake decorating store. I have seen them before,but this is the first time that I have bought them. I got vanilla and milk chocolate.I also bought some molds for candy. I wanted to try some for my daughter's Bridal Shower.Thanks so much for the quick replies.
It says on the package that they are confectionary coating wafers. What exactly can I do with them??Sherry
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